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Boozy Boards by Morgan

Oopsie Mystery Bundle - Bar Towel 3 Pack

Oopsie Mystery Bundle - Bar Towel 3 Pack

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Oopsie! We are committed to limiting waste and being more sustainable, so we are selling our 'oopsie' towels that did not make the cut at a much loser cost. These stickers are randomly selected from my reject pile - meaning they have slight imperfections such as a printing mistakes, discontinued designs, small stains, etc.

- These towels are guaranteed to have imperfections. Towels will vary in design and fabric type.
- These towels have imperfections, but they still function just as well as our other perfect towels.
- Each 'Oopsie Bundle' will contain 3 imperfect towels. Design will depend on inventory.

When purchasing an 'Oopsie Mystery Bundle' you are agreeing that you are aware that these towels are guaranteed to have imperfections and sold AS IS.

Thank you for helping me reduce waste!

These towels are extra absorbent, durable and sturdy, making them your ideal partners for everyday use and decor.  Our towels are designed for multiple re-uses making them the most cost efficient solution and adorable addition.

Care Instructions
Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low or air dry.

These towels are handmade. Please be aware there may be partial adjustments depending formatting that can cause the towel to not look exactly like the ones pictured This is all part of the beauty of handmade crafts. Thank you for understanding!

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