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Boozy Boards by Morgan

Custom Artisan Boozy Board

Custom Artisan Boozy Board

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Personalized cocktail menus to hang or display on your at-home bar or party! Customized for you or your loved one with vinyl printing, florals pinned inside and shadow box framing. Use the shadow box to dually display bottle caps, wine corks, dried-flowers, game-tickets and much more! 

Be sure to add recipe cards and/or printed bar menus as the perfect ad-on to this beautiful custom creation. 

Additional Artisan style customs are also available upon request. Please leave the name of the Artisan style if you wish to use one other than the one pictured. 

Size Options
Small: 9in x 9in
Large: 11in x 14in

Color Options: Black | Grey | White | Brown

***Important! Please complete the following steps upon ordering!***

Please email the following information to or use the contact form at the bottom of this listing.
1. Heading Name (ex: Skye's Cocktails)
2. First Menu Choice (ex: Hurricane)
3. Second Menu Choice (ex: Bahama Mama)
4. Third Menu Choice (ex: Purple Nurple)
5. Fourth Menu Choice (ex: Screw Driver)

If no email is sent within 48 hours of order placement, design choices will be made based on my best judgement.

Once you email me, I will create your custom menu and send a draft for approval! Any request or change is welcome during the drafting process. If one is made, I will send another draft for approval prior to production of the menu. Please expect a delay with such review. If I have any questions, I will contact you via the contact information provided at checkout. If I do not receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, I will make and send based on my best judgement.

Disclaimer: My products are homemade. Please be aware there may be partial adjustments depending on sizing and format that will cause the menu to not look exactly like the ones pictured. This is all part of the beauty of handmade crafts. 
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